Friday, October 8, 2010

Play for Peace

To chess players, chess supporters, and people of good will

by Ana Matnadze, WGM

Dear Friends,

In January 2005, in Georgia prominent chess players, sportsmen, businessmen, and musicians founded an International Charity Movement "Chess – a Peace Ambassador". WGM Ana Matnadze is the leading chess player of the Movement. The Movement also has partner chess players (GMs and IMs) all over the world.

The movement aims to achieve the following goals:

1. Promote interest to chess worldwide.
2. Use the potential of chess as an intellectual sport in order to strengthen peace and friendship among peoples worldwide.
3. Anti-drug campaign.
4. Collect voluntary donations by the Founder of the Movement and all chess players worldwide to help:
a) disabled children all over the world;
b) undernourished children;
c) victims of wars and/or natural disasters;
d) victims of epidemics;
e) senior chess players without adequate social and economic protection and chess players who suffered from wars and/or natural disasters.

The following steps will help to ensure financial resources to achieve the goals of the Movement:

1. WGM Ana Matnadze and partner chess players of the Movement will conduct a World Tour "Chess – a Peace Ambassador"; certain percentage of the revenue from the Tour (determined by the board of the Movement) will be used for donations.
2. Donations from the members of the Movement and its supporters will be collected.
3. Donations from the businessmen will be collected.
4. All other resources that are legally permitted will be used to collect donations.
We appeal to all chess players, as well as to those who are fond of chess, chess fans, and all the people of good will worldwide, to join us in this endeavor. According to our Charter, not only those who support us financially become automatically members of the Movement, but also those who support us emotionally, and share with us their thoughts and ideas. We believe that the more are our numbers, the more help can we provide to those people who are disadvantaged in the modern world.

Chess has always been one of the most human of the sports. In order to achieve our goals, we are starting worldwide chess tour in 2006, which will go on for 4 years. We will soon distribute an official appeal to UN, UNESCO, FIDE, governments and national chess federations worldwide to ask for their support.

We believe, it's time for us, chess players, to become chess ambassadors.

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback regarding our initiative.

Ana Matnadze, WGM
Tel. (+34) 627 050 893
(+995) 99 94 53 77

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